How Redbox Has Changed the Way We Watch Movies

As Redbox just celebrated its one-billionth rental in September of 2010, it’s pretty clear that the movie rental company has made quite an impact on the industry. Throughout its history, it has steadily grown into a movie sensation. By offering movie rentals at convenient locations and low prices, they are hard to compete with.

Redbox started in 2004 in select McDonald’s restaurants in Denver and had a few other test markets. As their popularity grew, movie rental kiosks began to pop up in markets all over the country. Once the consumer realized they could rent a movie at a much lower price than the average video rental store, Redbox quickly grew into the movie rental sensation it is today.

Averaging over 9.5 million movie rentals per week, it’s clear that this company has truly changed the way consumers obtain movie rentals. By simply going to their local McDonald’s, supermarket, or other location, customers can quickly rent the movie they need with no hassle and no need to wait in line. Because the average kiosk holds up to 200 titles, it’s easy for customers to find the movie rentals they want.

As Redbox continues to become even more popular around the country, the company is expanding their operations even more. Now there is the option to use their website for online movie rentals, and they even have an iPhone app that allows you to watch movies right on your own phone. There’s no telling what the business of movie rentals will evolve to next, but it’s clear that Redbox has truly changed the way we rent movies forever.

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