How Rosetta Stone Can Teach You a New Language

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak a second language?  Maybe you’d like to learn Spanish or French so that you could work abroad for a year, or maybe you are planning a visit to Germany and would like to be able to converse with the locals.  Perhaps you have a business convention coming up and would love to be able to speak Mandarin to impress your clients.  With Rosetta Stone language software, any of these can be possible.

Rosetta Stone is unique in that it offers a comprehensive way to learn a language without requiring you to go out and attend foreign language classes.  The program is completely immersive, using techniques commonly used to teach very young children to read and speak.  The software puts you right into the language, yet is explanatory enough to ensure that you always know what is being said and done.  Many diplomats have actually been trained using Rosetta Stone, and it has been incredibly effective.

With Rosetta Stone, you are taught not only how to read and understand a new language, but how to speak it as well.  The software includes a headset with a microphone so that it can pick up and listen to your speech.  This makes it easy to get feedback when learning to pronounce new words.  Better still, there are so many languages to choose from that you can work to learn as many as you like. 

Nobody is too old to learn a new language, and Rosetta Stone can help you learn to speak the language virtually anywhere in the world.

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