How the Twilight Saga Changed the Face of Movies, Books and Vampires

The Twilight Saga has indeed changed the way the world looks at vampires.  Before the first Twilight book hit the scene in 2005, and then the popular movie in 2008, vampires were thought of as “old” and nasty characters.  Vampires were of the Bram Stoker and Anne Rice variety.  The closest thing to a vampire before the Twilight Saga was maybe Tom Cruise’s Lestat (Interview with the Vampire) or even worse, Kiefer Sutherland’s David, one of the Lost Boys.

The Twilight Saga has reached out to the teen market, and has sold 100 million book copies worldwide.  Over 38 languages can read the original books, while new generations of teens are enjoying the movie sequels Twilight Saga: New Moon and Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  According to author Stephenie Meyer, the books are about life and love, not darker themes of lust and death.  She cites her inspirations as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, as well as the work of Orson Scott Card.  Meyer, a Mormon, does acknowledge that her faith influences her work, particularly in its moral outlook. 

One thing is for sure about the Twilight Saga: it has made vampires sexy, chic and popular. And modern teens can certainly relate to the themes of the Twilight Saga series: resisting temptation, finding true love, and the power of friendship. 

The Twilight Saga has not only revitalized the horror series, and the young adult series, but has combined both genres into one emotionally-charged fable for the new age, and generations to come. 

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