How to Attract Birds to a Feeder in Winter

Your bird feeder can be full of visiting birds all winter long.  During the colder months, birds that hang around and weather the winter need plenty of energy to keep warm.  Keeping your bird feeder stocked with high-quality seed is the best way to help them out in their quest to stay warm.


The staple bird feeder seed is black oil sunflower.  This seed is soft and full of energy.  It also appeals to a wide variety of birds, so your bird feeder will be an interesting and colorful attraction if you keep plenty of it around.  Hang this seed up because squirrels and some other animals also find it to be a tasty treat. You can get sunflower seeds from any gardening supply store or garden center.


Your local birds will benefit from some super high-energy food during the winter. Suet, which is simply rendered fat sold in blocks, is a great addition to your bird feeder in the winter.  You’ll end up with a lot of fans in the woodpecker community if you hang some of this out near your bird feeder. 


If you are filling your feeder with a mix of grains, you’ll also want to include some nyger seed.  This is popular with some types of birds and not others, which ensures that there’s enough food at your bird feeder for everyone who shows up for a bite to eat. 


Putting out fresh water is also a great idea if it’s frosty. Though it’s counter intuitive, there’s a high dehydration risk during the winter, and birds are just as susceptible to it as humans, when they wake up to find their favorite water sources all iced over.  Ensure that your bird feeder is ready with food and water for your avian friends, and you’ll have a colorful and lively garden all year round!

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