How to Celebrate Independence Day

Summer is my favorite time of year.  Beaches, barbecues, and 12 hours of sunlight – how can that not put a smile on your face?  The peak of summer amusement is in July when we celebrate Independence Day.  Whether you look forward to spending time with the family, having a nice break from work, or getting a bit sloshed, the 4th of July can be celebrated in a myriad of ways.


Here are the top five ways to celebrate Independence Day.


5. On a Boat


Having a boat party is the epitome of a good time.  It is last on our list because the majority of us don’t have access to a boat, especially on a holiday.  However if you can pull a few favors or pool some cash, celebrating our independence on a boat is one of the best ways to commemorate our freedom.  If you can get away with it, launch some bottle rockets or flares in the air.


4. Poolside Barbecue with Drinks


Cool down in a nice backyard or community swimming pool.  Tan in the warm sun, drink in hand, and watch the world go by.  Poolside parties are great for families or singles.  They are great places to connect with those you love or just to meet some new friends.


Poolside parties have everything you need: cool water, warm sun, and fun people.  Make sure to play some good music too, and your day will be complete.


3. Outdoor Fairs


Nothing screams ‘American’ more than City, County, or even State Fairs.  Grab a three pound turkey leg and six deep fried Twinkies, and indulge in the American spirit.  These days, freedom is apparently defined by being able to ride the Twist-N-Barf after stuffing your face with funnel cakes.


Most fairs will be crowded on the 4th of July, so if you like to be around a lot of people, this is the spot to go.  Plus there will be a million and a half things to do from rollercoaster rides to concerts to petting zoos.


2. Summer Bonfire with Smores


If you live near a beach that allows bonfires, make sure to go early and secure a pit.  You can grill some hotdogs over a flame or make some delicious and messy smores.  Don’t worry about spilling because you can just take a dip in the cool ocean to clean off.  Sand, surf, friends, and fire – these are the ingredients to true freedom!


1. Backyard Grilling and Fireworks


The best way to celebrate our independence on the 4th of July is the easiest way.  Set up your grill in the backyard and cook some burgers and brats.  If it’s legal in your area, purchase a pack of fireworks and set them off.  Ideally, you would have a pool in your backyard but if not, catching up with friends and family and watching your kids’ eyes glow as they light up fireworks is celebration enough.


Whatever you decide to do this 4th of July remember to be safe.  Don’t drink and drive or illegally light fireworks. Nothing kills a celebration more than a DUI or a firework fine!


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