How to Choose the Best Binoculars For Bird Watching

For bird watchers, binoculars are perhaps the most important piece of equipment.  Choosing the right binoculars can add enjoyment and an extra level of detail to the hobby of bird watching, so careful consideration must be given to this selection. 


Before you can begin the selection process, you must decide on your budget.  The best bird watching binoculars can be quite expensive, so a limit will be necessary if money is tight.


The next thing you should consider is the usual setting for your bird watching activities.  For example, bird watching in a park during the day would require different binoculars from bird watching at night.  Depending on the usual setting, you might need binoculars with a long range or ones that are simply powerful to bring an object a small distance away into sharp focus.


The climate of your usual bird watching activities should also be considered.  Exposure to water or extreme temperatures can destroy certain binoculars by inducing condensation into the internal lenses.  Cheaper binoculars are more prone to this if the lenses aren’t perfectly sealed, but no binoculars are immune to this annoyance.  It’s a good idea to decide if you need to consider getting a waterproof pair to make sure they will really last. 


Many binoculars also come with night vision and even recording capabilities, which will be useful for those that enjoy bird watching at night. 


When shopping at an outdoor pursuits store for bird watching binoculars, it’s best to already have some experience in the hobby so you’ll know what you’re looking for.  Making a good investment is about finding a pair that will work for the way you enjoy bird watching.  Depending on the type of birds you enjoy watching and the setting they can be found in, you should be able to pick the perfect pair in no time.

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