How to Convince Your Parents to Let You See Your Favorite Band in Concert

What do you do when your favorite band is coming to town and concert tickets are going on sale?  Of course, if you’re under twenty one, you might be worried that your parents aren’t going to let you go to the concert.  All your friends are going.  What do you do?


Instead of focusing on the negative and worrying about what your parents might say, you can start doing some things that will convince them that you should be allowed to attend.  In some cases, this is going to mean making concessions.  If you really love the band though, those compromises are going to be worth it.


Here are some tricks to try….


Persuading the Parents

Demanding that your parents let you go to the concert isn’t going to work.  They aren’t going to like being told what to do any more than you do.  Instead, you have to show them why you should be able to go… and “because it’s my favorite band” isn’t going to cut it.

Prove to your parents that you’ve been taking schoolwork seriously and that you’ve been helping around the house.  They will know if this is genuine or if you are just doing it to get permission.  A good, mature attitude at home and in school is going to go a long ways in most parents’ decision.

Of course, that isn’t going to be enough.  You should go to the concert with more than just one other person.  Have friends that your parents know and trust go to the concert with you.  If you have friends who are older than you then this is a good sign that they will be responsible.


Making Concessions


Perhaps your parents or your friends’ parents want to go to the show, as well, just to make sure that you are safe.  This is one of those compromises we mentioned earlier.  If you really want to see the show, you will let your parents or an adult family friend tag along to the concert venue.  However, you can ask them not to stand next to you if you want to dance or sing along!

Paying for your own ticket is also a good way to persuade the parents to let you go to the concert.  Keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy your ticket before you have permission. 


If you have a favorite band that you hope is coming to your town, check their website to keep up with their tour dates.  Start talking with your parents about the concert well before the tickets go on sale.  This will give you time to save money for the tickets, and time to convince them to let you go.

They Said Yes!

Once your parents give you permission to go to the concert, it isn’t time to start slacking!  Continue with your schoolwork and helping around the house. 


When you and your friends leave for the show, give your parents regular updates via phone about where you are.  Let them know when you arrive at the venue and when the show is over and you are on your way home.  Be consistent about this.  If you agree to text them every 2 hours, do it, or you may get home to find them having a full-on panic attack!


If you do this, you can be sure that heading to the next show that comes to town is going to be less hassle.  Good luck!

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