How to Create a Victorian Porcelain Doll Collection

When you think of collecting dolls, you most likely think that this is a child’s hobby.  But if you take a look at the world of porcelain doll collecting, you will find that there are thousands of adults who simply adore the hobby.  However, few finds can be as exciting and thrilling as a genuine Victorian porcelain doll.  These dolls are incredibly rare, and learning how to tell if they are authentic can be difficult but achievable if you arm yourself with the right knowledge.


One thing that you should look for when you are seeking an authentic Victorian porcelain doll is period clothing.  This means a corset and bustles, as well as a petticoat.  If the doll you are looking at is wearing modern style undergarments, it is very likely a fake.  Authentic dolls will likely be wearing flannels, muslin, taffeta, or silk, and the dolls of the period were made wearing the same cloth as the real people of the same era.  Steer clear of any doll wearing modern materials.


Another important thing to consider when you are building a Victorian doll collection is the condition of a doll.  Most genuine dolls will certainly have that classic look to them, offering little doubt as to their age, but you also need to look for any defects.  Is the clothing torn or has it been replaced in recent years?  What about the paint on the doll’s face?   Repaints and repairs will certainly lower your doll’s value, no matter how good the toy restoration work.


A quality doll will be in nearly the same condition as when it was made, though some aging is to be expected.  When you know what to shop for, finding the right dolls for your Victorian collection can be easy and vastly rewarding.

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