How to Honor Your Husband on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming.  You’ve already found that perfect card or present for your father, but perhaps you think your husband deserves something more than a piece of cardboard with someone else’s poetry.
After all, think of what your husband does for your children.  Maybe he takes them outside in the backyard to play ball or teaches them to ride their bicycles.  Maybe he helps them with their homework when you are busy.  Maybe he has epic tickle-wrestling wars on the living room carpet with the pre-schoolers, which makes you laugh as much as the children.
But having him there means so much more.  Swedish researchers, writing in the February 2008 issue of Acta Paediatrica, took a look at 24 papers published over 20 years and concluded that fathers have a measurable benefit on children.  When fathers are present and actively involved, children are more likely to be successful, both behaviorally and academically.  So by sticking with you and your children, your husband is playing a major role in their development and future success.
With this in mind, what can you do to show your gratitude and love by making this Father’s Day especially meaningful for him?  Dr. Laura Schlessinger puts forth the idea that our men want to be our “knights in shining armor.”  So this Father’s Day, take a lesson and help him feel like one.
Dress like a princess.
  Men feel special when their ladies show they appreciate being around them, and what simpler way than to take a little extra care in your appearance?  No, you don’t have to buy a large sparkling dress, but a little make-up and a hairdo that takes more effort can go a long way.
Speak sweetly.  You don’t have to speak in verse, or even in Arthurian cadences, but kind and gentle words never go amiss.  Resist the urge to criticize, and don’t forget to smile.
Give him a token of your love
.  Old fashioned women might have tied a silken scarf around their knight’s arm as they sent him off to battle.  Today, the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach holds true.  Cook him his favorite meal or make a special dessert.  Opt for finding him a small trinket at a gift store or a look for a great book he’ll read.  Either way, go the extra mile to show your appreciation.
Sing him praises.  You may not be able to commission a bard to perform before the court, but you can help your children make him small gifts or remind them to demonstrate their love on his special day.  If you have a blog, or if you use Facebook or Twitter, you can be your own court bard, telling the world how grateful you are for this man who cares for you and your children.
Let him rescue you from a dragon. 
Men want to feel needed.  Just because you can be independent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask him to help open that applesauce jar which is slightly stuck, or reach that basket from the top shelf.  In today’s day and age, when women try to do everything themselves, it is easy for men to start thinking they are superfluous.  Don’t let that happen to your knight by showing him your need for his skills.
And when the day is finished, the dishes cleaned and the children tucked into bed, you can spirit him away to your own private tower and remind him why he became a father.

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