How to Look Sexy At Work Impress Your Friends Without Annoying Your Boss

No matter where you work, you may feel the need to look sexy for any number of reasons – to impress the cute new hire, to show off to your friends or to boost your own confidence. Here are some guidelines to strike the perfect balance.

Rule #1 – Don’t overdo it! Imagine the scene. You’re eating lunch at work, and the new girl comes strutting past wearing three-inch bright red high heels and a button-down top that shows off way too much. Overdressing may get a few stares from your male co-workers, but rest assured that the girls will soon be whispering about you, and the boss will most likely not be impressed. If the conversations stop when you walk past, don’t always take it as a compliment.

Rule #2 – Less is more. Talk to your friends and ask them all what your best feature is. We all have one (yes, even you!). If you have long legs, wear a classy black pencil skirt to show them off. If you have long hair, get it cut and colored professionally and ask your hairdresser to show you a new sexy style which can be worn at the office. It’s the little touches which make the biggest difference.

Rule #3 – Accessorize… with care. Adding a simple piece of jewelry can ‘sexy up’ even a dull office suit. Try a fashionable silver chain belt, invest in that elegant bracelet you’ve wanted forever, or swap out your usual plain metal studs for subtle colored stones which compliment your eyes. People will notice that something is different about you without you having to resort to obviously ‘sexy’ clothing choices. Big no-nos are anything glittery or large colored pieces like broaches or gemstone necklaces.

Rule #4 – Try wearing heels. Even if you wear pants to the office, buy a comfy boot or sandal with a slightly higher heel than you usually wear. Even trainers and sneakers come with heels if you look for them. The slight boost will make you walk taller, straighten your back, and lift your head. It’s a lot easier to look sexy if your confidence comes from within. 


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