How to Make a Family Coupon Book for Mother’s Day

A home-made family coupon book is a popular gift on Mother’s Day because more than anything, because it costs nothing and most moms just want a helping hand with errands and chores.  The gift of time is priceless, and a coupon book is the ideal way to help Mom get a little more downtime and ‘Me-Time!’


To make a coupon book, you can either download online templates and print off the cards, or you can make the coupons yourself.  If you opt to make the coupon book by hand, simply visit a craft store and pick out some fun colored craft paper. Cut them all to the same shape, such as a heart shape.  Then, punch holes through the left side of your loose booklet, and tie the papers together with a piece of ribbon. 


For ease of writing, you might way to purchase a roll of blank white stickers and use those to write on. Place on in the middle of each page for a striking and easy-to-read presentation.


Just what kind of coupons should you provide for Mom in your coupon book though?  While you know what she would appreciate most, here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:


* Vacuuming and dusting are perennial favorites, but consider other chores around the house, as well.  Perhaps the litter boxes need to be cleaned more regularly, the fireplace needs a scrub, or the kitchen cabinets need re-organizing to prevent a deluge of Tupperware containers from falling on your Mom’s head each time she opens them!


* What coupon book would be complete without a shoulder, back or foot rub?  You know your mom best, so offer her preferred form of a stress relieving massage.  If you’re artistically inclined (and not too squeamish!) you could even offer her a full pedicure, performed by none other than yourself. A manicure is also always welcome.


* Around Mother’s Day, moms begin to worry about weeds in the garden after spring’s arrival.  Weeding is no fun, so be sure to include this coupon in your coupon book, even if it isn’t your favorite activity.  Digging the vegetable patch over is another, and will be welcomed if your mother has a bad back or arthritic hands.

* Include fun coupons, such as taking her out to have a frozen yogurt or flavored coffee, or having a nice Sunday brunch at her favorite cafe.  This will ensure more bonding time, and will leave your mother with something to look forward to.

Every coupon should have personal thought and love put into it.  Take this time to put yourself second, and consider your mother’s needs and wants for the one day out of the year when she can take a break.

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