How to Make a Fun Coupon Book for Your Children

If you want to teach your children that good behavior can lead to rewards, a fun and easy way to do that is by making a coupon book for them.  You will be able to use the coupons in the coupon book to reward good behavior, such as finishing their chores, acing their spelling test, or getting along with their siblings.


You can make a coupon book quite easily.  The only thing you need to do is to visit a stationary store or craft shop to buy construction paper, a nice colored pen, a hole punch, sand some colored yarn or metal rings. 


First, brainstorm some ideas. For the coupons, be sure to include a wide variety of rewards for food, fun activities or toys.  You can have an ice cream coupon, a trip to the movies coupon, or even a visit to an amusement park for the largest reward.


Here are some other ideas for coupons:


– Staying up past bedtime (1 night only!)

– Trip to the toy store

– Trip to the park at the weekend

– Choosing the family desserts for 1 week

– Excused from chores for 1 week

– One free bag of candy

– One pardon for a household breakage (dropped plate, knocked down ornament etc)

– Trip to zoo or local aquarium center

– Fishing trip with Dad

– 1 horse riding lesson

Once you have your ideas ready, cut the paper into squares and write or print the coupons neatly onto them.  Use a hole punch to put holes along the left hand side of the coupons.  Use yarn or metal rings to hold them together. 


Present the coupon book to your children to read.  Tell them all of the rules of the coupon book.  When your kids perform a task or receive high marks, they will receive the coupon of their choice from the book.  (Handy hint – if you have two children, make sure to make two of each coupon to prevent fights over the ‘best’ coupons).


A coupon book is a fun and easy way to teach your children more about responsibility, and to reward them appropriately without spoiling them.

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