How to Make a Great Easter Basket for Kids

One of the most important parts of celebrating Easter with your family is making Easter baskets for your kids.  While you might think that making a decorative basket is hard to do, and that your only option is to buy a premade one from the store, it’s easy to make an Easter gift basket at home while having a bit of fun.




First, you will need to gather some supplies.  You’ll obviously need to get an Easter basket – you can purchase baskets at your local department store very cheaply.  You can also get creative here and use cardboard boxes and strawberry baskets.  Consider dying them fun colors, or wrapping them in ribbon.  You will also need grass or straw to stuff the basket with, as well as some decorative items.




For your Easter basket, you can go one of two routes.  If you want to celebrate in a secular way, then you can add cutouts of bunnies and eggs to the basket.  If you want to go the traditional route, you can add images of Jesus to the basket, as well.  To make an Easter basket, simply add your filler (grass, straw, etc) to the basket and tape or glue the cutout images around the edge of the basket. 




Once you have decorated the Easter basket, it’s time to fill it.  You can do several things here, including adding hard boiled eggs.  However, kids generally like candy more – add some cream eggs, chocolate bunnies and colored marshmallow Peeps to the basket.  You might also include a stuffed animal.  If your child is a sports nut, then you might add a soccer ball, baseball or football to the basket, as well.  For girls, consider Barbie or baby doll baskets.


When making an Easter basket for a child or friend, try centering it around their interests and taste.  Personalizing a basket makes it even more special and memorable for the recipient, as well as a thoughtful way to be creative.

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