How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Successful

A successful relationship is difficult to maintain, no matter what the circumstances.  Add to that a long distance between the couple and things can become pretty complicated.  Like all relationships, a long distance relationship can work if both parties are committed and honest from the start.  With clear communication and a few other tips, your relationship can flourish, even if you are far apart.


Establish Boundaries to Build Trust


Once you’ve agreed to put in the work to creating a successful long distance relationship, it’s time to set parameters.  You need to decide if this will or will not be an exclusive relationship, set standards for how often you will see each other, and discuss the possibility of moving closer together in the future. 


Getting these things out of the way early will make it much easier to trust one another as your connection grows. Clear communication is the only way to make this or any other relationship work.


Communicate Frequently to Stay Connected


Whether you email everyday, text, or prefer to talk on the phone, it’s important to keep that connection alive, even if it is from afar.  Your friendship will grow as you communicate daily, improving the connection overall.


Send frequent reminders of your presence, such as flowers from the florist, fun gift packages, or cards containing poems, stories or photos. Scent is important in keeping you fresh in your loved one’s mind, so lightly spritz the insides of your letters or packages with your trademark perfume or body spray. The smell of you when they open your package will be more powerful than anything you can write or say.


Whatever you both decide will work for you, stick to it throughout the relationship.  Regular communication is the only way to keep your relationship alive.  It’s easy to find just a few minutes each day to chat online or share an email exchange.  Making time for these things is an important part of any relationship, and on a long distance relationship. it’s the difference between failure or success.  

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