How to Organize a Family Appreciation Day

Are you looking for a great family activity?  If so, there are lots of different options that can be very fulfilling.  However, one of the most rewarding activities might just be to have a family appreciation day.  This is simply a day when each family member does something for another member in order to show their love and appreciation.  What can you do for family appreciation day?


Family Breakfast

If Mom is the one who usually cooks breakfast, you can start your family appreciation day off by having the entire family cook breakfast for her, instead.  This can be a great way to give her a break from the cooking duty, as well as to show her how much the family appreciates her daily efforts.

Cleaning Rooms

If you want to get your children to show appreciation for each other, one of the best options is to have each of them clean the other’s room.  Of course, there might need to be some parental supervision here, especially if your children are prone to rivalry.


Wash the Cars

One way that your kids can show family appreciation is by washing the cars.  If Dad is usually the one saddled with this chore, having the entire family wash the cars in his place can really show him how much his efforts are appreciated, as well as giving him a break from doing it himself or paying for a carwash.


Make an ‘Appreciation’ List


If your family is prone to grumbling at each other, remind them how much they are each loved by making an appreciation list.  Each family ember gets a big piece of colored paper from the craft store and some colored pens, and each must write down five things they appreciate about each other person in the family.  When you’ve all finished your lists, read them out loud, then add drawings or stick in photos, and staple them together into a yearly book.  It can be wonderful to look back on these in the future and see how you have all changed!


There are many other ways that your family members can show appreciation for each other.  Taking out the trash, sweeping and vacuuming, giving up TV time to help with walking the dog or sweeping the yard – these can all be great options to show your love for each other.

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