How to Plan a Fun Weekend Getaway With the Guys

Are you looking into planning a weekend getaway just for the guys?  This can be a great thing to do, giving you and your guy friends time away from work and from the stressors of family life.  How do you plan this type of excursion?


First, you and your friends need to sit down and determine where you want to go and what you want to do.  Your budget is going to play a huge part in determining just what you do on your weekend.  The time of year will also play a role in what your weekend holds.  For instance, a trip to the lake in the summer for some swimming, fishing and boating fun can be pretty affordable.


You also need to determine where you are going to stay once you reach your destination.  If you’ll be visiting a town or city during your weekend getaway, you can use the Internet to book a hotel or motel in the area before you arrive.  You can do the same thing with air travel if you will be flying out for your weekend away. 

Of course, you might decide to drive to your destination.  If this is the case, you need to decide who will be driving, or if there are so many people going (and gear coming along) that you need to drive more than one vehicle.  Once you have these elements in place, your weekend should be pretty planned out and you should have few worries about it.

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