How to Plan a Mancation and Bond With Your Buddies

What is a mancation? Simple – it’s a guy’s vacation.  If you’re anything like me, once you are in a serious relationship, you lose touch with your buddies.  Your weekly beer run happens once a month and you begin to exchange more football games on TV for ‘Twilight’ movies!

One way to get out of this rut is to plan a trip with your buds and bond a bit.  Here are some great mancation tips.


Bond with Your Buds Tip #5:

Bond at the Bar


The great thing about guys is that it doesn’t take much for us to bond after losing touch.  One of the best ways to bond is to get away from the ladies for the evening.  So, even without leaving town, as long as we can have a place to be ourselves without fear of being asked to clean up or having to hide our bodily functions, then we’re set.  What better place to bond than at a pub or bar?

Recently, the new fast food chain Buffalo Wild Wings has been a favorite of mine. They usually play every single game since they have a million screens in their franchised bars.  Food is delicious, spicy, and they have a great beer selection.  Just a personal tip!


Bond With Your Buds Tip 4

Bond at Sea

One of my favorite pastimes is sports fishing.  It’s one thing to stand on a pier and cast a line, it’s another to reel in a 100 pound monster on a 30 foot boat in the middle of a rough sea.  My girlfriend wouldn’t go near let alone handle raw fish.  And the best way to get away from the world is to get away from land altogether.  You can’t go wrong going sports fishing with your guy friends.


Bond With Your Buds Tip 3

Bond in War

It wasn’t called ‘Band of Brothers’ for nothing.  War can bring out some of the strongest bonds there are.  However, I’m not talking about real war… I’m talking about paint balling!  Shooting at others with semi automatic, bruise-inducing balls of paint will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.  


Bond With Your Buds Tip 4

Bond Over Clubs

Golfing is one of the best ways to bond.  It combines competition with leisure, almost the perfect combination for male happiness.  Going to an 18-hole course gives you time to catch up, talk about business or life in general and complain about the wife.  Add in a couple of cold beers and cigars and you are set for a great time!

Bond With Your Buds Tip 5 

Bond in the Best Place in the World

So what is the best place in the world for Mancations?  Yes, VEGAS! For both taken and single men, Vegas is the best place to bond.  Why?  Because it has everything we could ever ask for.  Risk, excitement, eye candy, and adventure.  Well, I guess it is mores suited for the single man, but every man can enjoy Vegas (not too sure how your other half would feel).


Gambling has been built in the genes of men since the beginning of time.  Put two men in a room and they will start to make bets on something.  Me and buddies have previously bet on everything from drinking a gallon of milk to what exact time the fat drunk guy in the corner will fall off his bar stool.  (We’ve bet on both at the same time, too!)  Besides gambling, Vegas has shows, girls, and booze.  That is the definition of a truly excellent mancation.

To sum up, Mancations are a wonderful thing.  Men can bond over pretty much everything but certain things will help facilitate the manly connection.  Some other great mancations include camping, hunting, surfing, or even taking a cruise.  All you need now to bond with your old buddies is permission!  Good luck with that one!



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