How to Plan a Weekend Getaway With the Girls

Are you in need of a getaway just for the girls?  If so, there are many great options for you.  However, the first step is to plan your getaway.  How do you plan a relaxing, enjoyable weekend?


First, you and your girlfriends need to sit down and talk price.  What type of budget do you have for your weekend?  Sit down with your friends and figure out just how much each of you has to spend for the weekend, or how much you want to save for the trip.


Once you have figured out the budget for your weekend trip, it is time to talk destinations.  Do you want to take a trip to a spa?  Is there a Broadway show in town that you want to catch?  Maybe you all want to plan a trip to a mountain cabin for the weekend.  Of course, you might be taking a weekend excursion a bit farther off the map, as well.


The next step in planning your girl’s weekend away is to find out where you will be staying.  The Internet can be the most useful tool here, as there are quite a few websites that will help you find cheap hotels in the area you will be visiting.  


The hotel might actually be the destination – you can still use the Internet to find discounted tickets to major attractions that double as weekend accommodations.


If you will be flying to your destination, you need to book your flight tickets at the same time you book your rooms.  If you’ll be driving, you need to decide whose car you will take, and what your travel plan is.

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