How to Plan Your Family Vacation to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

For your next family vacation, rather than heading to the beach or the mountains, you might consider planning a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.  Whether you love classic rock or modern pop bands, you’ll find tons of things to enjoy during your family vacation here! 


So what’s on offer at the Hall of Fame?  Obviously, the major draws on any family vacation in the area will be the exhibits on offer.  You’ll find quite a wide range of different exhibits.  One of the most current is the tribute to Bruce Springsteen, though the Elvis exhibit is also enormously popular.  The Otis Redding exhibit is also a powerful draw for many different people.


Other exhibits that you might want to hit on your family vacation include the bus used by Johnny Cash, a viewing of the US 3D film, the Treasures from the Vault exhibit, Right Here, Right Now, Rave On: Rock and Roll’s Early Years, Listen to the Music: The Evolution of Audio Technology and Hang On Sloopy: The Music of Ohio.


There are plenty of other options to enjoy during a family vacation in the area.  For instance, you can take a trip through several of the collections, including the US collection, the Beatles collection, The Rolling Stones collection, Michael Jackson collection and many, many others.


Obviously, planning a fun family vacation to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will offer almost endless possibilities for enjoyment for the entire family.  Plan your trip today!


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