How to Prepare a Romantic Scavenger Hunt for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is that special day for couples to rejoice in the love they’ve found. Instead of just giving chocolates and flowers this year, consider doing things a little different. How does a romantic Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt sound?


While your significant other is at work, come up with scavenger hunt clues and leave them around your home. These can be anything from, “What’s my favorite color? If you think pink then walk five steps toward the bedroom” to the more risqué, “What’s my favorite place to be kissed? If you guessed on neck, then take four giant steps toward the couch.” These clues can lead anywhere, from the kitchen, to the bedroom, as long as they lead right to you or a romantic gift you’ve hidden.


Of course, you can’t just write the scavenger hunt clues down on scraps of notebook paper. Hit your local arts and crafts store, and buy some pink or red construction paper, and a calligraphy pen. Roll the paper up like a scroll and secure it with a lacy white ribbon. Make the scavenger hunt even more exciting by leaving a rose or small photo of you both with the first clue.


You’re not done just yet! Add a little romance by closing the blinds and dimming the lights of your home. You can even put red candles and rose petals around the house.


While flowers and candy are nice, traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, nothing says, “I love you and I want you to be mine,” like a fun and sexy scavenger hunt.

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