How to Throw an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Tell the kids to move over, it’s time for adults to have a bit of fun this Easter!


Easter egg hunts usually bring to mind images of children running on grass, searching for the most eggs in backyards and parks.  There’s no reason adults have to miss out on all the fun though; there are many great ideas for having an adult Easter egg hunt at your home for everyone who is anything but a kid.  If you’re ready to have some fun, it’s time to begin scouring candy stores and put together a memorable event!




To start with, select the date for the hunt and send out invitations about two to three weeks early.  If you’re strapped for cash, opt for Evites that are festive and can be sent via e-mail.  On the big day, hire a sitter for an hour or two to watch any kids that happen to come along with parents. 


Preparing the Eggs


Now, it’s time to get your eggs ready.  Fill plastic eggs with gift cards, candies and humorous messages.  For prizes on the most eggs or least eggs found from your friends, give gift baskets that are filled with beauty products, movie tickets and high-end chocolates.


Opt for renting an Easter bunny suit for your husband or friend to dress up in.  They can entertain guests by singing “Peter Cottontail” or cheering the adults on while they hunt for eggs.


Hiding the Goods


Hide the Easter eggs throughout your home, or outdoors if you prefer.  Make it a little more difficult than a child’s Easter egg hunt so it’s even more fun and will be longer of a game. Play music to set the mood, clean the house and yard beforehand, and put your dog in the garage so eggs don’t go missing.  Set up a candy buffet, along with appetizers and drinks, to allow your guests to enjoy themselves and avoid only eating candy!

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