How to Win Radio Station Giveaways

You have probably heard your favorite radio station announcing contests countless times in the past.  They will award the winner, which is usually the 10th caller or the 100th caller, with tickets to a concert, free tickets to an amusement park or fair, or some other similar prize. 

Perhaps you never tried to call because you didn’t think you stood a chance at winning.  You probably thought all of it was luck.  Although there is a certain amount of luck involved, paying heed to certain things can raise your chances.  The following suggestions can help you narrow in on being the next winner when your radio station has giveaways.

Tips on Winning

You know your phone well, and you probably know that it has a certain amount of delay before it starts ringing on the other end.  Knowing how much of a delay your phone has – whether it is one second or five – lets you know that you will need to start dialing early.

You might also want to program the station’s phone number into your phone before they have their next giveaway.  If you have them in your phone already, you aren’t going to have to dial their entire number.  You will just have to push a single button to call.  This also ensures that you don’t dial a wrong number by mistake in your haste to make the call.

Why Persistence Pays Off


Don’t give up right away.  If they tell you that you are the 70th caller and the winner is the 100th caller, you should dial again as soon as you hang up.  Keep trying until the radio station announces a winner.  Other people might have given up and your next call could be the winner!

Keep in mind that stations don’t always announce their contests ahead of time.  When they do, you still might have only a few minutes before they start taking callers.

However, the stations usually have a method to their madness.  Even though they don’t announce the contest or giveaway ahead of time, they will usually hold the contest at around the same time each day when they do have them.  This means that if the past five contests on the morning radio show have taken place at 8:30 in the morning, the next one will likely be around that time too.  Make sure you have access to your phone at that time.

Methods the Pros Use to Win

If you really want that trip to Hawaii or to have your phone bills paid for a year by your favorite station, use multiple phones when calling to beat your odds.

Most radio stations also have websites.  This means that they might also be doing giveaways on their sites, which is going to help them drive more traffic to it.  You should check the radio station website periodically to see what they might be offering.  Sometimes it will be the same as the on-air prizes and sometimes it will be different.

Even when you take into account as many variables as possible, it doesn’t mean that you are always going to win.  Still, you can have a lot of fun trying, and these tips should help make the job of winning at least a little bit easier for you!

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