How to Write, Upload, and Sell Your Own eBook

You’ve probably heard that the eBook is currently outselling print books.  Some people fear the digital revolution because they worry that print and traditional bookstores are dying.  Others embrace it and believe that print is already dead.  Neither are completely true.  The dynamics of writing and publishing are simply changing, even if it is happening at a faster pace. 


This should be great news to all types of writers, whether you are writing literary or genre fiction, or you are working on a nonfiction title.  No matter what you are writing, you will find that the eBook market is growing and you should learn to sell your products online to keep up with the market.


Here’s how to get started writing and selling an eBook:


What Do You Need for an eBook?


First, you are going to need to have a completed, clean manuscript no matter what you write.  You will also need to have a book cover and a way to format the manuscript.  Even those who are selling non-fiction books will want to have a good cover that makes prospective readers want to buy it.  You can outsource the book editing, cover and the formatting if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it on your own.  The important thing is that you have a quality manuscript deserving of readers when you finish.


You will be able to upload the eBook to many different places; Amazon and Barnes & Noble are just two of the options.  You also have Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, Xinxii, Omnilit and a host of other places to upload.  Always make sure you read the terms and conditions when you are uploading, but you can also offer the book for sale on your own website.


The eBook is Done … Now What?


Even though you have your book for sale in the different marketplaces, it doesn’t mean that anyone is going to find it or buy it.  Having a good cover, a good description of the book and a good price is still only part of the battle.  You need to make sure that you book has visibility, and you do this with marketing. 


However, marketing for the eBook isn’t the same as how many Internet entrepreneurs have marketed in the past.  Spamming, e-mail lists, forums and social networks are only going to annoy people.  Instead, take a softer approach.  Start a blog that is relevant to the readers that you want to gain, for instance, on the topic of your book, whether that be fishing, gardening, or finding love.  Interact with people who read your blog and leave you comments – they will often buy your book.


Another option is to give your book away free, at least for a little while.  This can help you to gain readers and build buzz about the book.  After a time, you can raise the price of the book back to its normal level.  Although some sites don’t allow you to lower your books price below a certain amount, you can still give away copies on your own site and through distributors, such as Smashwords.


Is it Possible to Make Money Selling My eBook?

Different books are going to sell at different levels.  This is true whether you are writing an informational book on real estate or small businesses, or you have a novel that is in the latest hot genre.  The key to success is having the best product possible, and to continue writing and getting your work and your name out there.  With that said, some people are making very nice livings from their eBook sales, and you should be able to, as well!

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