How You Can Make a Dress Up Kids Party an Extra Special Day

A dress up party is perfect for preschool and elementary age kids. Children love any opportunity that they can get to dressed up in pretty tulle dresses or little gowns, but children love it even more when they can get dolled up as a group at a party. They’ll love showing off their clever costumes to their friends!

There are many variations on the dress up party theme, but you’ll want to make sure that you have enough costumes and dresses for all the children to wear. Boas and sparkly sunglasses make the party extra special. Don’t give out any personal jewelry that you don’t want to be lost, broken, or pocketed, and never give younger children anything that could be swallowed or choked on.

Most dress up parties end with a fashion show finale, where all the children walk down a “runway” and have their photo taken at the end of the catwalk. All of the children should go home with a photo of their runway moment. If you have a color printer and a digital camera, you’re set to go. Alternatively you can buy an old-fashioned Polaroid camera if you can find one.

The children can all take home fun party favors and prizes like girly makeup cases filled with age-appropriate lip glosses, hair brushes, and combs. Of course, no dress up party would be complete without a game or two, so make sure that you are prepared for the day with a few ideas. Children love to play pin the tail on the donkey, but you could play a variation on the game, such as Pin the Boa on the Princess.

Treasure hunts are always fun for children. At a dress up themed party, they could hunt for bottles of perfume, tiaras, or any other girly treasure. The cake could also be in the shape of a tiara or have a picture of a pony on it to round out the theme.

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