Is 10 Best Picture Nominees for the Academy Awards Overkill?

This is the second year that the Academy Awards is featuring 10 nominations in the Best Picture Category. Many people who are fans of the show, as well as many people involved in the business, believe that having so many Best Picture nominees is detrimental to the show and that it waters down the competition.


When you try to figure out why the Academy chose to nominate so many films for Best Picture, you come away with a couple of possibilities. First, you might be right to believe that the Academy believes that there are more good films that deserve our attention. By nominating them for an Oscar, more people will find out about films they truly believe are good.


Of course, another reason for so many Best Picture nominees could be purely financial. Whenever a movie receives a nomination, theaters start showing the film again, even if it has been out of the theaters for months. It provides a boost to the movie’s overall take, and with the declining attendance in movie theaters over the past few years it seems as though every little bit helps.


You also need to consider some of the behind the scenes Hollywood maneuvering that goes into the Best Picture nominations. Some films that people believe should get a nod are strangely ignored, such as The Town this year.


The movies that did make the list this year are: The Fighter, Inception, Black Swan, The King’s Speech, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, The Social Network, Winter’s Bone, Toy Story 3, and True Grit.


How much does schmoozing come into play? It’s hard to say, but most people will agree that 10 Best Picture nominations is certainly overkill.


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