Is a Visit to Graceland a Good Family Vacation Choice?

Are you planning a great family vacation this year?  If so, then a trip to Graceland might be just the thing for you and your family.  The home of Elvis offers some tremendous enjoyment, education and fun.  You’ll also find plenty of other things to do while you’re in Memphis, as well.  So what should you know about planning a family vacation here?


First, you’ll need to book your vacation early.  Graceland is extremely popular, particularly during certain times of year (such as The King’s birthday).  That means that you should really have your tickets purchased early – you can do that pretty easily online, as well as reserving your hotel rooms, too.


Of course, there is an RV park and a campground at Graceland, so if you’re planning a traveling family vacation, then Graceland can certainly be a great place to stop for a few days.  You’ll find many things to do there, including several tours that will take you through the mansion, the grounds, the garage and other areas of the site.


A family vacation to Graceland should certainly include a trip through the Elvis Presley Car Museum, where you’ll see his famous pink Cadillac, and 32 other vehicles owned by Elvis.  There is also a tour that takes you on his custom jets, a tour through his Hollywood memorabilia, and several other tours.


A family vacation to Graceland in Memphis offers tons of fun, plenty of educational opportunities and a chance to learn more about one of the most influential musicians of all time.


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