Is Your Boyfriend Lazy? How to Get Him Moving
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What women see as lazy, men define as recreation.  My girlfriend loves getting dolled up and going out to a nice French restaurant with foods I can’t pronounce.  I prefer sitting at home on my comfortable couch eating delivery pizza out of a box.  Like most things in a relationship, the man is always wrong.  If you want yours to get out of the house, use these tips to get him moving.

Appeal to their Love of Achieving Goals


Men are goal-oriented individuals.  If there’s nothing at the end of the rainbow, why head in that direction?  This is how our brains work.  If we’re hungry we search for food; if we’re broke we look for a job; if we’re lonely we try our best to get a date.  Without a goal we are pretty much useless and unmotivated.  Although this can be annoying when trying to drag your man out of the house just to get him some fresh air, you can use it to your advantage. 


In order to get a man moving, he needs to be motivated.  Give him reasons for getting out of the house.  Most of us don’t understand the concept of doing something for its own sake.  Women can walk down a path and find value in the experience alone.  But without a concrete and tangible reward, men have a hard time finding significance in things. 


You can sway him by creating a goal.  ‘Do the dishes and I’ll cook dinner’ is usually enough to get him off the couch.  Get creative with the goals and you’ll see a much harder working man.

Work on His Ego


Lazy men tend to have a weak work ethic.  Whether they were pampered by their parents or never had a real job, lazy individuals usually don’t understand the significance of diligence.  However, all men have an ego usually spurred on by pride.  Although you shouldn’t insult him, you can touch upon his pride to get him working. 


For instance, drop a few hints about how you are supporting him financially, when it should be at least equal if not the other way around.  Challenge him to a race on who can wash the dishes faster or vacuum the house better – the winner gets the prize of their asking.  Drop some statistics about how hard his favorite sports personality works to maintain his talents.  All of these things will poke at his ego and get him moving.

How to Take Action


Laziness is a vice because it is a burden on others.  If you can’t carry your own weight in this world, or in a relationship, then other people have to work harder to compensate for you.  In a sense, being lazy is selfish because you expect others to work for you at their expense.  If you feel your man is taking advantage of you in this respect, then you should take action.


The best approach is to sincerely talk to him about the impact his laziness has on you and your relationship.  Most of the time, men are oblivious to hardship they are causing you.  Honest and upfront communication will make him understand, and if he loves you, he will do his best to get up off the couch and moving.




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