Libra: Your Unique Horoscope
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If you were born between the dates of the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October, you are a Libra. There is something very interesting and unique about Libra in the world of horoscopes. All of the other astrological signs are based on animals or people. Libra is the only sign based on an object instead. Libra is the symbol of scales, and is used to represent balance in life and justice.

This horoscope sign, like the others, is rooted in the mythology of ancient Greece. As mentioned, Libra is scales, and it refers to the scales that the goddess of justice carried with her at all times. On a side note, the goddess of justice is the symbol for another horoscope sign, Virgo.

Many people find that there are certain character traits and personality types based on astrological signs, and Libra is said to be honest and loyal, but they usually have strong emotions and can be quite feisty.

According to the horoscopes, Libras get along with other Libras, as well as Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Leo. Libras are dedicated to their family and friends, and will always speak up when there is an injustice occurring. 

Horoscopes are believed to have insight into a person’s character, as well as their future and their decisions. If you want to learn more about horoscopes, start with your own sign and go from there. There are many fun things to discover in the world of horoscopes!

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