Love Compatibility Options for Gemini

Love horoscopes have long been used to provide insight into personal relationships. In fact, comparing compatibility through love horoscopes has a long history. Shakespeare wrote about it when he called his Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers. While determining compatibility through love horoscopes should not be the basis for a relationship, it can be a good way to learn about your personality, and how it will mesh with someone else’s.

The first thing anyone should do when they want to consult love horoscopes is to learn about their own sign. If you are a Gemini, you are someone whose personality is quite complex. You may seem to be a contradiction in your likes and dislikes. Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means a duality in personality. This carries over to love horoscopes for Gemini, as well.

Who is compatible with the interesting Gemini? Love horoscopes indicate that Gemini people are quite compatible with Aquarius and Libra, which are signs of the air, and Leo and Aries, which are signs of fire. People born under these four signs will be most compatible, personality-wise, for those under the sign of Gemini.

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