Love Horoscopes Give the Best Star Sign Love Matches for a Capricorn

Love horoscopes say that the cautious Capricorn can mesh very well with the bull-headed Taurus, if the Taurus can be sensitive to the Capricorn’s needs.  The steady Taurus can break the aloof Capricorn’s shell, teaching the Capricorn to feel and give appropriate emotional responses.  Both are creative, but love horoscopes hint that the Capricorn may turn to abstinence when pressured by outside forces.  An understanding Taurus can help the Capricorn through, and love horoscopes say the match is quite compatible.

The orderly Virgo is another great match for the Capricorn, the love horoscopes say.  Practical Capricorn appeals to the analytical Virgo, and the two understand each other so well that any misunderstandings are often brushed aside.  The patient Virgo is a clever foil for the conservative Capricorn, according to love horoscopes.  The two will admire each other’s intellectual abilities and seek out a smaller group of like minds, rather than pursue raucous social interaction.  Love horoscopes maintain that this will be a great long-term union.

The staid Capricorn actually makes a great lover for the fiery Scorpio, the love horoscopes insist.  The patient Capricorn can acquiesce to the Scorpio’s need to dominate, both in the bedroom and in daily life.  In fact, love horoscopes say the Capricorn appreciates the Scorpio’s possessive nature, because it makes the Capricorn feel secure in the relationship.  Love horoscopes say that the shrewd Scorpio appreciates the organized Capricorn, and the two often make a great team.  Love horoscopes say that the Capricorn and Scorpio love match is destined for a passionate, long-term situation.

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