Love Horoscopes Give the Best Star Sign Love Matches for Scorpio

The Scorpio is full of fire and passion, according to love horoscopes.  This can make a love match difficult, as many star signs find the volatility hard to abide.  The Leo can actually make a great partner, if the two can find a bit of common ground.  Love horoscopes say the Leo is uplifting and ceaselessly happy, which can be a great foil for the Scorpio’s short fuse.  Life can be stormy in a Scorpio and Leo relationship, but the passion is never lacking.  According to love horoscopes, long-term relationship is possible, and the love will never be boring.

According to love horoscopes, the quiet Cancer is also a great partner for the outspoken Scorpio.  Love horoscopes say that the forceful Scorpio offers comfort and protection for the possessive Cancer.  The strong Scorpio makes the Cancer feel secure, and Cancer will admire Scorpio’s persistence.  If the Scorpio can learn to communicate effectively with the sensitive Cancer, then love horoscopes say that the two can develop a perfect marriage full of passion and trust.

Mutual admiration and sexual drive make the Scorpio and Capricorn connection a successful one.  Love horoscopes say that the patient Capricorn will appreciate the Scorpio’s creativity and inventive personality.  If the strong-willed Capricorn can learn to appreciate the Scorpio’s need to dominate, then love horoscopes indicate the relationship can be full of excitement and spontaneity.  The possessive Scorpio, who, according to love horoscopes, can push away other star signs, will often make the Capricorn feel desired and secure, because Capricorn understands that this need arises from great love.

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