Mental Illness Can Affect Even Celebrities

Mental illness can happen to anyone.  It can be caused by genetics, lifestyle, or even traumatic events.  While they may try to come across as perfect, celebrities are just as likely to develop mental illness as the general public.  In fact, many studies show that those who gravitate towards the arts may do so out of depression, making celebrities more likely to develop mental illness.

One of America’s most beloved celebrities who has recently displayed clear symptoms of mental illness is Britney Spears.  While not conclusively diagnosed with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, Spears has had some public outbursts that make it clear that a diagnosis is in order. 

Princess Diana actually suffered from a number of mental health disorders, though she is still among the list of celebrities that it seems taboo to discuss.  Diana was a known bulimic who suffered from bouts of severe depression, and she was also known to commit acts of self injury at numerous points throughout her life.

Heath Ledger suffered from a tragic combination of mental illnesses.  Ledger was being treated for anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation at the time of his death by accidental overdose, making this one of the sadder cases of celebrities with mental illness.

For people struggling with mental illness, knowing that celebrities are going through the same issues can be comforting.  There are actually dozens of celebrities who have spoken out for people with mental illness, and this can certainly be helpful.  If you or someone you love has a mental illness, you are not alone, and even those with fame and money often undergo the same emotions.

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