Most Popular TV Shows of 2010

If you’ve been out of the loop for a while when it comes to TV, or you’re simply looking for a new show to get into, you’ll enjoy this list of the ten most popular TV shows of 2010.  Let’s take a look at the best of the best – we hope you’ll find something new to watch out of this lot: 


Right now, the number one most popular show on television is the Vampire Diaries.  This great teen series follows the lives of a group of young vampires.  A great choice if you’re suffering from Twilight withdrawal symptoms!


Number two on the list of top TV shows belongs to Bones, a crime drama following the life of Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist working for the FBI.


Grey’s Anatomy is number three.  The show follows the lives of a team of doctors living and working in Seattle.  It is the most popular of the medical TV shows currently on the air, and has received many awards for its clever plotting and Stella acting.


Criminal Minds slides in at number four. Criminal Minds follows the lives of a team of unusual people looking to solve crimes by getting into the psyches of the criminals that commit them.


Gossip Girl is in at number five and is one of many TV shows based on a series of hit books.  Recommended if you’re a big fan of gossip!


The supernatural drama Fringe takes the number six spot and is one of Fox’s most popular TV shows.  An intelligent and interesting drama series.


Number seven belongs to NCIS, which has been one of the most popular crime dramas for a number of years now.


Number eight belongs to House, MD, which follows a team of doctors who solve medical mysteries.


Smallville follows the life of a young Superman and takes the number nine spot on this list.  Marvel devotes and new fans alike rave about this supernaturally-inspired drama.


The tenth and final show on the list is Glee, Fox’s hit drama that follows a high school glee club as they make their way through school and act out their lives through song.


These are the top 10 hits of 2010, and with the ratings for each of these through the roof, it’s easy to see why these are so popular.

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