Review: The Lenox Hotel in Boston

For residents of Boston, Massachusetts, the Lenox is one of the city’s most famous landmarks and best-known hotels.  Built in 1900, the building has as much significance in the area as Fenway Park, or any other famed building. 


Established in the heyday of the railroad era, it was once a mecca for wealthy people traveling through the area.  Today, the Lenox is still an ever present reminder of the luxury of Boston.

The Lenox has spent more than a century building a strong reputation for elegance and luxury.  While the property itself is historic, the owners also take pride in offering an accommodation with all of the modern luxuries one would expect from a hotel of its class.  This blending of old world charm and new world amenities helps to keep the Lenox at the top of the destination lists for people visiting Boston.

The history of the Lenox has been quite famed and is well worth knowing.  The hotel has been home to Red Auerbach, famed coach of the Boston Celtics, and even Judy Garland.  It has also been the finish point for the Boston Marathon, and the filming location where the Tony Curtis classic “The Boston Strangler” was shot.

There is no doubt that the Lenox is a huge part of Boston’s heritage, and with good reason.  For more than a century, the property has served to be the main stage for much of the city’s history.  The Lenox is more than a hotel, it is a city landmark, and it is something that every visitor should experience.

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