Review: The Sherry Netherland Hotel in NYC

When you are looking for truly outstanding accommodation in New York City, one needs to look no farther than the Sherry-Netherland.  This magnificent hotel was opened in 1927 by a renowned ice cream and confection magnate named Louis Sherry.  Located on the corner of 59th street and 5th avenue, the Sherry-Netherland is a New York City landmark with a unique story to tell.

The Sherry-Netherland is designed with a neo-Romanesque and Renaissance style of architecture.  It has a travertine marble base and incredible Gothic style minaret.  The lobby of the property is modeled after the Vatican library, and the friezes that adorn the room once belonged to the railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt.  Since it opened in 1927, the Sherry-Netherland has been much more than just a place to stay or live – it has become the very embodiment of the New York way of life.

The Sherry-Netherland is still a premiere destination in New York City, even some 80 plus years after its construction.  With state of the art amenities and 50 elegant suites and guestrooms, it is a destination unto itself.  When it comes to historic hotels and amazing architecture, there is simply much to love about this property, and it is obvious why so many people choose to stay here year after year.


Consult your travel agent to find out the latest booking availability at the hotel, and get ready for a stay to remember!

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