Saving Money On a Rental Car

If you’re going on vacation and looking to rent a car, you will find that it can be quite costly.  Hidden fees are certainly a concern, and added fees and penalties can also add up quickly.  Here are some tips to help you save money on a rental car.

Always Read the Contract


For starters, it is important to thoroughly read any rental car contract.  You will find that many contracts only allow a certain number of miles to be driven, and if you go over that limit, you can find yourself paying big bucks.  Always pay for more miles than you will need or go for the unlimited package and you can save significantly.


Fill Up the Gas Before Returning


Cleaning and gas can cost you as well.  If your contract says that the car must come back clean or that the gas tank must be filled, don’t forget.  Pay the money to use a car wash vacuum and top off the tank.  You might be surprised how much you can be charged if the car rental company has to do it for you.

Look for Package Deals


If you want to save money initially, look for package deals.  Many travel websites will offer combo pricing if you book a flight and rental car or a hotel and a vehicle together.  Consider these deals and always ensure that you read the fine print.  When you find a deal that offers you significant savings, you will certainly find that it can make your trip much more enjoyable and much easier on the wallet, as well.

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