Should You Vacation in a Virginia Colonial House?

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia is truly one of the most unique destinations in the world.  The area is regarded as one of the world’s largest living history museums, and with good reason.  This incredible little town is comprised entirely of 18th century buildings, as well as colonial houses, hotels, shops, bars, and people who all live and act as though it were still those days so many years ago.

There are a total of 28 colonial houses in this historic lodging site that are available for guests to stay in.  These buildings are only a small part of the 500 plus structures in the town, and the experience of staying in Colonial Williamsburg is unlike anything else in the world.  The streets and shops are all authentic to the time period, and even the decor and gardens are identical to the period.

Within these colonial houses and buildings, guests can see the spots frequented by such historical figures as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, as well as buildings once owned by President John Tyler.  This historic lodging offers more than a place to stay, but also a true historical experience.

For people who choose to visit these colonial houses, there is no doubt that the stay is the experience of a lifetime.  Few opportunities in life give us the chance to experience the world as it was for our forefathers, yet that is exactly what this historic lodging provides. 


Colonial Williamsburg is absolutely something that everyone should take time to explore and experience at least once in their lives.

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