Start a Family Movie Night Family Fun Without Spending a Fortune

Even though everyone in the family loves going to the theater for a movie, it can be too expensive these days. A great way to enjoy movie night without breaking the bank is to have a family movie night right at home.

The key to making family movie night fun is a little bit of creativity.  Part of the thrill of the theater is the popcorn and the atmosphere, so get the whole family to take part in recreating that feeling to have a truly memorable movie night.  The younger kids might even enjoy making "movie tickets" for admission to your home theater.

You can also have fun making treats to enjoy while you watch the movie.  Popcorn is a must, but you can put a little extra effort into recreating the movie theater popcorn your family loves so much.  Other treats that are enjoyed at the theater, such as candy, can also be a fun way to make movie night even better.

Setting up your sound system to mimic the way the movie theater sounds can add to your enjoyment of family movie night.  Whether you watch a family favorite full of laughs, or you choose an epic fantasy movie, sound can really make a difference. 

Remember, movies don’t have to cost a fortune, and can be just as fun right at home.

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