Summer Holiday Ideas: Making a Family Time Capsule

Are you looking for a fun activity for your family to do?  Making a family time capsule might be one of the simplest, most enjoyable activities you can do.  It also gives you something to look forward to so you can cherish your memories.

The first thing that you will need is a container in which your family can place the items they want to store in the time capsule.  Tupperware containers work well for this, as do metal lunchboxes and the like (be aware that metal containers will rust, though).  An old biscuit tin or screwtop metal flask with a wide neck is the best option.


Once you have the container your family will use, the next step is to determine what items to place in the time capsule.  It might be fun to put this year’s baseball cards, a favorite figurine, old photos or even sentimental costume jewelry.  The point is to place something of personal value into the time capsule.  Make sure that every member of the family participates.


When your family has gathered their items, simply put them in the container.  If the container is metal, you might want to put it in a plastic container for protection once it has been filled.  Make sure that the lid is sealed tightly – an airtight seal is the best.


Next, have your family choose a location in which to bury the container.  You can bury it in your front or back yard, at a family member’s house or at a memorable location.  Do not use public land, or bury it at the beach, though. 


Now, dig a hole about two to three feet deep and bury your family time capsule.  Remember where it is located or draw a ‘treasure map’ of the area, so that you can dig it up in ten or more years… or leave it for the next generation of your family to dig up.

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