The Best Games for a Family Slumber Party

Slumber parties are great fun for kids.  However, there is no reason that adults should be left out of the enjoyment!  There are some great slumber party games that the entire family can enjoy, whether you’re nine or 90. 

Silhouettes is a fun game in which everyone takes a turn tracing another family member’s  silhouette on paper.  Hang a large sheet of paper on the wall, and stand in front of a bright light.  Have someone trace your shadow silhouette, then you trace theirs. You can spice up the game by adding prizes for those who do the best job on their silhouette.  Decorate the silhouettes after they have been traced on paper, and have a family member or friend judge who did the best job.

Hide the Timer is another fun game that children and adults of all ages can enjoy at a slumber party.  For this game, you simply hide a timer in a darkened room.  Once the timer has been hidden, give each of the players a flashlight and tell them they must find the timer before it goes off.  The person who finds the timer gets to hide it on the next round.

Impromptu Drama is a great slumber party game that everyone will enjoy. Simply fill four large paper bags with four completely unrelated items (examples include a feather, a coffee cup, a bit of rope or a knitted cap).  Divide your slumber party guests into four groups and give each group a bag.  Each group must open their bag and then put on a play using the four items in the bag.

With a little creativity and a lot of participation, a slumber party for the family can be something memorable and fun for everyone included.

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