The Hottest Celebrities Working in Hollywood Today

People love Hollywood celebrities for many reasons. They enjoy the movies and television shows these celebrities star in, they admire some of the charity work they do… and of course, celebrities are usually hot! Everyone has different tastes when it comes to choosing the hottest celebrity in Hollywood, but here are two celebs on which most people are readily able to agree.

When it comes to male stars in Hollywood, just look at actors who star in the high-octane movies – action films, thrillers, and adventure movies. For males, many women will probably agree that Hugh Jackman is the hottest celeb in Hollywood right now. From his roles in the X-Men movies as Wolverine, it’s easy to see just how much work he puts into maintaining his very impressive physique! He’s also a dancer, so he has a reason to stay physically fit no matter what movie he happens to be doing. He seems to have stepped into the shoes left by Patrick Swayze for sheer animal appeal.

For the women, it’s just as difficult to choose a single Hollywood actress, but Salma Hayek certainly has the most smokin’ looks of just about any actress in Hollywood. Even though she is in her mid-forties, few actresses are able to match the sexiness that she exudes. Her recent stint on 30 Rock proved just how hot she still is!

Of course, preferences and tastes will differ, and you might have your own opinion on the hottest Hollywood bodies. It’s always something that is fun to debate among friends!

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