The Latest Celebrities Arrested For Bad Public Behavior

As well know, celebrities behave badly at times.  However, there have been some recent celebrity flubs that have caused some raised eyebrows and a flurry of write-ups in the gossip magazines


Perhaps one of the most surprising celebrity boots to happen recently occurred to Josh Duhamel, one of the stars from “Transformers.”  Duhamel was repeatedly asked to stop texting and turn off his Blackberry before his airplane took off, but the celebrity refused, even going so far as to taunt the male flight attendant who was asking him.  Because of Duhamel’s actions, the plane returned to the gate before kicking him off, angering other passengers and embarrassing Duhamel.  The celebrity later apologized, saying that he had “learned his lesson.”

Another celebrity to make headlines with bad behavior recently was Lady Gaga, who was kicked out of Yankees Stadium after she was found in the clubhouse.  During the game, Gaga apparently flashed her bra and underwear before being asked to leave.

Ivana Trump is another celebrity to make headlines for behaving badly in public.  The celebrity socialite was tossed off an airplane after she began shrieking obscenities at a group of children on the aircraft.  The pilot of the plane actually aborted the takeoff to taxi back to the gate.  Trump refused to leave the plane, and had to be escorted off by police officers.  Trump swore at the officers as well, further embarrassing herself in the public eye.

Unfortunately, when we revolve everything around celebrities, they begin to believe they can have the world stop for their extreme behaviors.  Luckily for the rest of us, the law applies to celebrities too – however much they would like to believe they are above it.

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