The Most Attractive Male Athletes in the U.S.

The amount of training that an athlete puts in to hone his craft also conditions his body to peak levels, and a strong body is attractive to most people (by people, read ‘women!’).  Determining which male athlete is the hottest is a debate that isn’t going to come to an end anytime soon.


Many women have different ideas of what makes a male athlete attractive, so there is always going to be room for personal preferences.  However, the following are some of the sports icons that most women can agree on as being hot stuff.

Baseball Tastiness


When it comes to baseball, some of the top hot names are Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees.  Some of the other baseball players that women often find hot include Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks, and Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners.

Football Eye-Candy


Another sport that seems to feature many a male athlete that the women love to watch is football.  Brady Quinn, Drew Brees and Tom Brady seem to be on the hot list for many women.  Antonio Gates, of the San Diego Chargers, is also an attractive athlete that has female fans swooning by the dozen.

Sexy Soccer Players


David Beckham, the soccer star (or football if you live outside of the U.S.), is now playing in the United States.  His wife, Victoria, is the envy of many women today.  This athlete is one of the reasons that soccer is growing in popularity in the United States.


Basketball Beauties


If basketball is more of your preference, consider Shannon Brown of the L.A. Lakers to be eye candy, as well as Rick Fox, retired or not.

These are just a few of the great looking stars playing today.  Now that you know some of the best looking players in sports today, you might want to start watching more games on the weekend!

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