The Most Popular Celebrity Owned Resorts and Hotels

You can curl up and have a nice sleep in a celebrity owned hotel, but what’s your pleasure?  Directors, actors or musicians?  Rest assured there is a hotel out there for you, personally approved by your favorite stars.



If you like the brainy director types, check out Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn Hotel, Blancaneaux Lodge (in Belize) and La Lancha Hotel, located in Guatemala. 




Robert Redford, Robert Deniro and Clint Eastwood have all established themselves as both actors and directors.  They certainly must know a thing or two about hospitality!  Redford owns the Sundance Resort, which is near the Sundance Film Festival.  Eastwood, the quiet romantic type, fits his hotel, since the Mission Ranch in Carmel, California is 22 acres of relaxing getaway paradise. 


New York


Robert Deniro is more accomplished as an actor than a director, but Bobby’s Greenwich Hotel in NYC shows plenty of design brilliance, fusing together Italian hospitality with urban convenience.




If you want the genteel manner of a musician by your bedside then opt for the Costa d’ Este Hotel in Florida, owned by Gloria Estefan. 




However, if you’re in the mood to spend the night with Bono’s sensibility, be prepared to travel, as the Clarence Hotel is all the way in Dublin, Ireland.




Finally, you can’t go wrong with Australia’s Gaia Treat and Spa, since it’s owned by Olivia Newton John, still styling and profiling 32 years after ‘Grease.’

These celebrity hotel establishments are sure to fill your movie-loving heart with glee and your accommodations with millions of dollars of Hollywood love.

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