The Top 5 Best Christmas Movies Ever

Whenever Christmas comes around, it is time for the family to start getting into the spirit of giving, sharing, and spending time together.  For many years now, a big part of this has been gathering together in front of the television to watch beloved Christmas movies. Here are some of the top holiday films for the Christmas season.

‘A Christmas Story’ is certainly one of the most popular options.  After all, it is so popular that one of the main cable networks airs it for 24 hours straight.  Who doesn’t laugh as Ralphie puts on the giant bunny suit and almost shoots his eye out?

‘Home Alone’ is another great Christmas movie.  Although not that old, the film quickly became a family favorite and children all over gather to watch the adventures of one boy accidentally left behind as his family goes on vacation without him.

‘The Santa Clause’ is a great Christmas movie for families of all ages.  Kids and adults alike love this tale of a dad whose family has almost given up on him until Santa has an unfortunate accident and the role of the jolly guy is passed along to him, against his will.

‘A Christmas Carol,’ in any of its dozens of incarnations, is a great story of a man who has lost the spirit of giving until three ghosts band together to show him what giving and Christmas are really all about.

Last but certainly not least is ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’  This tale depicts the life of a man who believes that the world would be a better place without him, until he sees what that world would really be like.

These films are certainly classics and will bring your family together for laughter, tears and joy this holiday season.

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