Top 10 Best Fireworks Displays in the U.S. on the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is the day that people all across America gather together to celebrate their  independence. A favorite thing to do on Independence Day is watch fireworks. There are so many places across the country that offer amazing fireworks displays. However, there are some destinations that are so incredible that you should plan a trip on the Fourth of July just to watch the fireworks.

1.    Philadelphia: What better place to watch fireworks than the city where America’s independence was born? The City of Brotherly Love has Fourth of July festivities which last the whole week, concluding with fireworks on the Ben Franklin Parkway. You can also be treated to the country’s largest free outdoor concert by The Roots.

2.    New York City: Millions of people line the streets to see the spectacular fireworks show. You can view the display from Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn.

3.    Washington D.C: The nation’s capitol has a fireworks display that is high above one of the county’s most prominent landmarks, the Washington Monument. Set off from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Washington’s fireworks show also includes cannon fire. Preceding the fireworks show is a parade that includes all branches of the armed forces, and following the fireworks is a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra.

4.    New Orleans: The New Orleans fireworks display includes two barges secured in the Mississippi River, dueling it out to present an exciting fireworks show. Steamboats even offer fireworks cruises for the night.

5.    South Lake Tahoe: South Lake Tahoe offers the largest coordinated fireworks display west of the Mississippi River. The lake provides a captivating view for reflected fireworks. It is a gorgeous display of lights and a night to remember.

6.    Idaho Falls: More than 100,000 people travel to Idaho to see their incredible fireworks display. The show normally lasts about 30 minutes, and the show is set to patriotic music. The fireworks extravaganza is synchronized by computers so that each firework shot is set to go to the music.

7.    Boston: Thousands of people fill the banks of the Charles River to witness the impressive fireworks show. The display always ends with the 1812 Overture. Following the Overture is a drum roll and cannon fire. Church bells ring all over Boston.

8. Atlantic City: The casinos in Atlantic City come together to put on a brilliant fireworks extravaganza. Thousands line the beach or the boardwalk to view the astonishing display. You can also see the fireworks from most of the casino hotels in the city.

9.    Orlando: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot all provide breathtaking fireworks. At Epcot, Betsy Ross and Ben Franklin will be making special appearances. Orlando is one of the best places for an educational experience for the children on the Fourth of July.

10.    Fort Bragg, North Carolina: An excellent place to view fireworks on the Fourth of July is the largest military base in the country. Fort Bragg presents a dramatic presentation of colors representing all 50 territories. The fireworks last about 60 minutes and can be viewed from many surrounding towns.

The Fourth of July is a special day in the United States, and these places really stand out as having the best fireworks displays in the country. You will feel proud to be an American when viewing these incredible fireworks extravaganzas.

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