Top 10 Classy Women in Hollywood and Why They Charm Us
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Are there any women of Hollywood who still have grace like the Hollywood women of the past, like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn?  Thank goodness the answer to that is YES. Not all women of Hollywood wear meat-dresses and spend vacations in rehab. 


Consider these modern beauties…

1. Catherine Zeta Jones
She won an Oscar for Chicago and has stood by her husband Michael Douglas as he battles cancer.  Catherine is a throwback to the glamor days of the women of Hollywood. hats off to her!

2. Sandra Bullock
Bullock had a spectacular year in 2010, winning an Oscar and remaining one of the top earners for the women of Hollywood.  She also handled her divorce with class, which si more than most of us would’ve done when confronted by her particular ‘situation.’

3. Halle Berry
Berry is beautiful, sexy and one of the few women without an attitude who is still working in movies.  More women of Hollywood should take a lesson from Halle.

4. Kristen Stewart
One of the few women of Hollywood who hasn’t made a sex tape, gone to rehab, gone to jail or generally made a fool of herself at the VMA awards.  Stewart is an inspiration to young women everywhere.

5. Oprah Winfrey
Whether she’s producing films, starring in films, or giving out free trips to her studio audience, Oprah is the fairy godmother that women need.

6. Queen Latifah
A rapper, a plus-size Hollywood woman, a lesbian advocate and a great team player.  That’s a lot of hats to be wearing, but she pulls it off without making a scene.  She indeed is a queen among the women of Hollywood.

7. Nicole Kidman
Kidman has been in a scandal before, but never once on the deserving end.  She has remained happily married and steadily working for the past 15 years.

8. Cate Blanchett
She’s talented enough to play anyone in practically any movie—including Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator.  When the casting call when out, what other woman really stood a chance?

9. Anne Hathaway
She occasionally gets kinky in her movie roles, but she is not the typical party girl most women of Hollywood prove to be.  Hathaway is an Oscar-nominated beauty with a face the industry loves.

10.  Betty White
A good sport and always ready to party in nice ways.  She recently became the oldest celebrity to ever host Saturday Night Live and is still funny after 70 years of joining Hollywood.

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