Top 5 US Amusement Parks for Kids Under 9

Amusement parks have changed significantly since the end of the 20th century, with an increasing number of theme parks now tailored more towards older kids, teens and even adults. Fortunately, there are still many amusement parks around the country that cater specifically to the younger crowd. Here is a guide to a few of the best amusement parks for young kids.


Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Amusement Parks – California and Florida
Located in California and Florida, Disney has two of the premier family friendly amusement parks that remain geared specifically toward younger children. Both amusement parks are home to Cinderella’s castle as a focal point with numerous rides scattered throughout both amusement parks that even younger children can enjoy.

Legoland Amusement Parks – California and Florida
Legos are certainly no stranger to most parents. If your child enjoys snapping together those colorful blocks to make their imaginations come alive, they will love amusement parks that are entirely constructed of Legos. You have to see it to believe it!

Story Land – New Hampshire

If your child is a fan of bedtime stories, they will love this charming and nostalgic amusement park which features favorites you probably recall from your own childhood, including ‘Humpty Dumpty,’ ‘the Old Woman in the Shoe’ and ‘the Three Little Pigs,’ complete with real live pigs.

Sesame Place – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who can resist the charm of an amusement park build entirely around one of the longest running shows on television? Pint sized guests and their parents will be able to enjoy a variety of Sesame Street themed amusement park rides, water rides, shows, attractions and events.

Busch Gardens – Florida and Virginia
Perfectly combining a theme park with a wildlife preserve, Busch Gardens amusement parks provide plenty of opportunity for fun rides, educational opportunities and the rare chance for the entire family to have a good time.

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