Top Easter Games for Your Kids to Play

Are you looking for something your kids can do this Easter, other than the traditional egg hunt?  If so, then there are quite a few excellent Easter games that can offer enjoyment, fun and activity to your little ones.


Easter Puzzles


One great Easter game is to download and print Easter word search puzzles and crossword puzzles.  These will use words linked to the Easter holiday, and you can often find puzzles and crosswords that have colorful pictures of iconic holiday elements like eggs, birds and rabbits.  Not only will it be a fun activity, it will stimulate their learning skills!


Coloring Contest


Remember those old coloring contests the local toy store or supermarket would hold for all the community kids to participate in?  You can host a similar contest at home, while providing art and Easter supplies to the kids.  Make copies of an Easter Bunny drawing, and allow them to color it in 20 minutes.  Post the drawings on a wall in the home, and allow everyone to vote on the winner.  Prizes should include an art kit or Easter coloring books.


Egg Roll


For another great Easter game, you can play Egg Roll.  This is a derivative of the famous White House Egg Roll each year, but you can do it right at home.  The point is to get a hard boiled egg from the starting point to the finish line without cracking the shell.  Your child can roll the Easter egg with a spoon, or even use their feet to do the job.


There are many great Easter games out there for kids to help ensure that they enjoy the holiday and make it a memorable experience.

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