Top New Movies for Kids This Year

If you have kids, you know how important it is to find the right movies for them.  While some adult movies are perfectly acceptable for children, it’s still better to give your children kid movies so they can enjoy more of the humor and creativity.  There are plenty of classic child-friendly films that will help them cherish their childhood and have a few favorites.

Perhaps, one of the most popular movies in recent times is the series of “Shrek” movies.  These offer a different spin on popular fairytale themes, and are lots of fun for all ages.  The “Toy Story” movies are also enormously popular, particularly with the release of “Toy Story 3” on DVD and Blu-ray this year.  Both are just as enjoyable for adults, and can be watched as a family.


One of the better options to hit the DVD market in recent months is “How to Train Your Dragon.”  If you prefer, you can also introduce your children to the “Harry Potter” series.  This series is a perfect introduction and might even encourage your kids to start reading the books, as well.


Disney movies are very popular options, with everything from “The Little Mermaid” to the new Blu-ray release of “Beauty and the Beast.”  Other popular Disney movies include older options, such as the “Herby” franchise, which continues to be enjoyed for decades.


“Wall-E” is another option for kids, as is “UP” from Pixar, as both spotlight touching and memorable relationships that your children will relate to.

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